Answer questions about loto188.com

  1. Is the loto188 dealer reputable?

Link Loto188 is not a floating operator, but one of the number 1 bookmakers in Southeast Asia in particular and Asia in general, licensed to operate legally. This bookie has a great influence in the world of sports betting, online casino, lottery, lottery, keno .

 2. How to contact loto188?

To be able to contact the dealer Loto188 through the following channels:

  • Chat online on the website
  • Hotline, Zalo: 09776739007
  • Email: customerservice.cskh188@gmail.com
    1. Does Loto188 recharge by scratch card?

Currently the dealer Loto188 does not support the top-up form with scratch cards. Therefore, you can choose other deposit methods such as bank transfer. Zalopay, momo pay

 4. Does Loto188 secure personal information and bank accounts?

You can be completely assured when participating in the game and experience at Loto188. Because the dealer completely protects the personal information and bank account information of all players.

 5. Does the dealer Loto188 cut scrap like other dealers?

The house Loto188 absolutely does not cut off when you place bets, the odds of 1 to 99 are absolutely correct. This is also a plus point that makes players feel secure about the bet amount and payout after the time of spinning at the house.

 6. Where will the winnings go to?

Winnings will be transferred to your bank account via internet banking.

 7. Is it possible to login loto188 from many different addresses?

You can completely log in lottery 188 from different addresses except betting prohibited areas such as: Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, the United States or the territories of the United States, France, Turkey, Taiwan, Singapore, Republic of the Philippines, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Cyprus or Estonia, Spain, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Antigua and Barbuda, Curacao.

Dang ky loto188 here.


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