Is the dealer Loto188 reputable?

The assessment of whether a house is reputable or not is quite simple. If you are wondering if the Loto188.com dealer is reputable, whether the scam loto188 is real or whether to play lottery, sports betting at Loto188, the information below is for you.

Get to know the fraudulent dealer
With over 10 years of experience, VaoLoto188.com would like to share with readers 5 ways to identify a dealer showing signs of fraud.

how to identify fraudulent dealers

Domain is not reputable
Most reputable bookmakers will have a large amount of redundant links, usually international domain names that chase .com (a few have .net extensions)

Stay away from domain names of the form .org, .xyz, .tk and especially domain names ending in .vn (the dealer will never use .vn domain names to create a website)

There is no customer service staff
To verify this, please visit the website of the dealer you want to verify within business hours. Click Chat directly or contact the phone number provided on the website.

If the response time is longer than 10 minutes, consider yourself.

Recharge with scratch card
The reputable bookmakers all integrate fast payment technology through banks and electronic payment gateways. In fact, sites that require the use of scratch cards (without any other payment method) typically have very poor financial capacity.

No headquarters
Check out this information at the bottom of the website

There is no license to operate in a third country
As you all know: Manila, Philippines is a haven for active betting companies. If the simplest thing is to apply for a license to operate is not done, then surely this house will disappoint you in many other matters.

Is the dealer Loto188 reputable, the most objective reviews

—– In the online lottery and lottery community, the name Loto188 is too familiar. This bookie is very active in the Asia Pacific market, known for having the industry’s highest 1 to 99 rate
If you look closely, you will see that no other dealer offers as diverse types of lottery as in Loto188
Players can access Loto188 through redundant links such as loto288, loto388, loto988 with the standard SSL layer.
The betting website LOTO188 is legally operating in the Philippines (PAGCOR License No. OGL16-0023) is supervised by Gaming Associates, operating time is over 3 years.
Supports most banks in Vietnam, provides many deposit and withdrawal methods
The support is available all day, answering questions in less than 5 minutes and disclosing information.
Is one of the very rare bookmakers able to develop a smooth Web version. More than that is the Loto188 app for both Android and IOS operating systems.
The exclusive and unique Live Time technology allows players to update their balance every 3 seconds.
Does Loto188 need to cheat players?
Concerning this question, we have an announcement about the Loto188 collapsed, being arrested or not being able to enter – invite readers for reference.

For a well-known Asia Pacific bookmaker, scamming a small amount cannot make them rich. Even the number of a few billion is too small compared to the unicorns of the online betting and soccer village.

With the image that Loto188 has built on the market. All information Loto188 fraud on the Internet, VaoLoto188.com can confirm it is just a rumor.

In conclusion, the possibility of Loto188 stealing players money is not.

With the above analysis closely and transparently. VaoLoto188 believes that questions about the credibility of the Loto188 dealer have been satisfactorily answered.

register account loto188

If you are looking for a reputable sports betting & lottery dealer, quickly register for an account at Loto188.com to experience the premium betting service. Use one of the links to the latest Loto188 below to receive a welcome bonus of up to VND 3,000,000:


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